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God On Our Side

Commit your way to the Lord;
trust in him and he will do this:
he will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn,
your vindication like the noonday sun.

Be still before the Lord
and wait patiently for him;
do not fret when people succeed in their ways,
when they carry out their wicked schemes.

— Psalm 37:5–7 TNIV

I get so frustrated when people treat me unfairly. I become completely heartbroken, anxious and upset. I worry for my pain, and, if someone I love is hurting me, I’m distraught for them — concerned for their happiness and their heartache. It’s some of the worst kind of pain.

God has given me hope over this situation from the above psalm. God will always protect those who are with him, and see that we receive the best that we deserve in the end. People will treat me badly and be completely unfair, but God will always stand by me. God will always stand by me. God is totally, wholeheartedly, completely on my side, at all times. He always sees my point of view. Always sees my side. Always sees my heart. He’s just as offended when I’m treated unfairly as anyone who loves me would be. He completely cares for me, and my welfare.

God will always stand by me. With God on my side how can I lose? How can I really lose, in the end? God sees the good in my heart and soul, and has told me I’m okay as I am. He loves me. He’ll support me, and ensure that things will work out.

Being treated unfairly can cause so much pain, but we need to believe in God, not that the situation will be rectified because of something we do to control things. God will fix things. We don’t know what will happen, but in the end God will look after us.

I try to look at things in too grand a manner sometimes, and wonder how God can be on my side, and on the side of every other Christian at once. But I don’t need to think this way. This kind of thinking stems from insecurity. I just need to be present with God, with him in the moment, and trust the things he says to me. If God says he’ll protect me, then he will. If God says I’m okay as I am, then I am, no matter what anyone says. God loves us. He’s on our side.

God is Always With Us

I forget God manages my life. I keep thinking he’s only in charge if I think of him properly — as if his control is bound to how well I behave. That doesn’t make sense. Control isn’t control if we have to behave perfectly, or God’s unable to act. As if God’s power is reliant on our behavior.

I’ll work hard and get a lot done, then when I rest I’ll think, “Okay, God, take over.” He was in control the whole time. He managed my highs and lows. My stresses and deep anguish. The problems that tortured me, and the painful paths I had to walk.

I feel I fail constantly, and if only I were closer to God, or looked at him better, then I wouldn’t be in pain. I wouldn’t be suffering. But God’s in control of our suffering. It’s not as if we were “stupid” or “wrong,” and that’s why the path we traveled was so painful.

God is with us when we’re failing. When we’re in turmoil. When we feel confused and lost and alone — when we feel everyone hates us. God is with us when we feel badly. It’s okay to feel awful. It doesn’t mean we’re doing anything wrong.

God’s control isn’t measured by if we feel “connected” to him. He just is in control. He makes a promise to take over and heal our lives when we become a Christian, and he’ll do that. But the difficult part is we’ll still suffer, in order to be led to greater healing. We’ll still suffer, so we can learn something we can teach others.

It’s not how much we do that determines God’s presence in our lives. He’s always there, and always active. All we need to do is not blame ourselves when things go wrong, and not hate ourselves for our mistakes. Try and stay with God, even when everything seems hopeless and miserable. He has a higher purpose for us. A plan. He doesn’t leave us alone. He doesn’t leave us at all. God’s in control. He’s always with us.

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Update On Book Release

Hi everyone

I just wanted to say I’m sorry I haven’t posted a devotion lately. I’ll post something new in a while, I’m just consumed with finalising the paperback version of my ebook at the moment. I’m having a proofreader go over it in case I missed something, then it shouldn’t be too long after that before it will be available for sale. The book will be the same as the ebook version, I’m just trying to ensure there are no problems with it.

I’ll be giving away some copies of the paperback when it’s released, so check my website in the future for details of how you could win a copy. I look forward to sending out some books to the winners! Thanks to all my readers.


The Question Of Church

I’ve seen it written many times that you can’t be a Christian unless you go to church. People say, repeatedly, that you can’t be an effective Christian unless you’re part of a group of Christians, and quote Bible verses to reiterate this. They make it sound as if, if you don’t go to church, you’ll be separate from God. God won’t be with you. You won’t be able to grow as a Christian.

But I don’t go to church. I have, in the past, many times, but I stopped going a long time ago. And I’m with God more now than I ever was before.

I’m not saying no one should go to church — it helps a lot of people. If people can find joy, and love, and learn something there, great. But I’m fiercely against the notion that if you don’t go to church, you can’t be a Christian. It doesn’t make sense. It goes against everything God is about.

God is about love. I stopped going to church because, no matter which one I attended, the sermons were rarely about God’s love and acceptance. The sermons were often about how to obey God better, and admonished people for not living up to a Godly standard.

I stopped going to church because, despite the fact that I’m shy and find it hard to talk to people, I was thrust into an environment where I was expected to be friendly and outgoing. I was frowned upon if I just wanted to sit by myself and listen quietly.

Churches often place rules and expectations on people. You must be friendly. You must love others. You must love God. You must obey rules. You must follow principles. You must give, even when you have nothing to give. You have to be in a certain place with God, emotionally and intellectually. You have to do the right thing. You have to do the right thing.

But I’ve learned, over many years, that God expects none of this. God just wants to love us, as we are. Broken, lonely, alone, miserable. God’s with us, and takes us as we are. Even if we never set foot in a church.

What matters is where our heart is. Do we want to be with God? All God wants is for us to be with him, even if we do very little. All God wants is for us to stay with him, and try. He just wants us to try.

I’ve grown close to God over the years, because God has brought me close to him. All I’ve done is stay with him, and I have gotten through my struggles and challenges as best I could. I’m by no means a perfect Christian, but I try, and I know God loves me and is proud of me. God truly loves and accepts me, no matter what I do.

I’m not saying to avoid church. Try it, if you’ve never tried it before. You may find it leads you to become closer to God, and feel less lonely. But if it goes against your heart and soul to go there — if you hate the thought of going — you don’t have to go. Be with God in your home, in your own way. Learn about God the way you’d learn about anything you want to know about. Read about him, talk to him, write about him — whatever you want to do.

There’s no exact thing to do. No exact way to be. Read the Bible sometimes. Read it to learn about God, not because you feel it’s your duty. Be yourself. God would never want you to try to follow him in a way that makes you uncomfortable. All God wants, is your heart. And to love you.

Ebook Updated

The Nature Of God CoverIn preparation for the paperback version of my book, The Nature Of God, being released, I have updated the ebook version.

It has a new improved cover, and it has been carefully checked to remove some minor errors. The paperback should be available for sale on Amazon in the next few months.

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